Here are all the current and upcoming releases for Ipecac Recordings. Please be aware, due to situations beyond our control, the information for upcoming releases is subject to change without notice.

Cover for Sensational - Get On My Page
Get On My Page
Cover for eX-Girl - Back to the Mono Kero
Back to the Mono Kero
Cover for Melvins - Colossus of Destiny
Colossus of Destiny
Cover for DJ Eddie Def - Inner Scratch Demons
Inner Scratch Demons
Cover for Melvins - The Trilogy Vinyl
The Trilogy Vinyl
Cover for Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments
Gluey Porch Treatments
Cover for Neil Hamburger - Great Phone Calls
Great Phone Calls
Cover for kid606 - Down With The Scene
Down With The Scene
Cover for The Lucky Stars - Hollywood & Western
Hollywood & Western
Cover for Melvins - The Crybaby
The Crybaby
Cover for Melvins - The Bootlicker
The Bootlicker
Cover for Melvins - The Maggot
The Maggot
Cover for Fantômas - Fantômas