Maldoror "She" is the result of a mixture of boredom, circumstance and destiny. You see, Mike Patton had a few dates off during an Australian Faith No More tour a few years ago. It was during a period that Mike was deep into Japanese noise music and especially the king of the genre, Masami Akita (his Merzbow has released over 200 records). He called Masami up and the two performed several packed improv shows in Australia. The shows inspired a recording session in Tokyo in 1997. Mike spent some time back home trying to organize the recorded chaos. With giant blocks of improvised sound combined with samples,cartoon music and other found sounds he formed these "songs."

The name Maldoror comes from a nineteenth century poem of the same name, written by Lautréamont. It is an early French surrealist masterpiece, full of brutality and beauty - just like the music on this record. Scare the neighbors!!!


Cover forShe