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June 12, 2001

News Update

The full transcript of last night's chat is now online. Thanks to all those that attended and participated.

June 7, 2001

News Update

Okay, you guys asked for it. On Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 7:00 PM PDT, Ipecac Recordings will be holding the first live chat with its fans. We hope to answer as many questions as we can in the time allotted. So check back a few minutes before the event and we'll have a link posted for the chat.
Sorry Patton groupies, Mike won't be able to attend this one.

June 6, 2001

News Update

Tour news: check the schedule for some eX-Girl European dates, many with Fantômas!
Coming soon, Fantômas tour dates for Australia(last 2 weeks of August) and the US (Sept),
Tomahawk US debut tour(November), eX-Girl US dates (Sept)

May 29, 2001

News Update was named Yahoo! Top 5 Pick of the Day last week. Check it out!

May 16, 2001

News Update

I wish some of you would care about the news. Oh well, here is some anyway.
1) Anybody want any Peeping Tom news? Looks as though Reprise Records is the winner! Frank Sinatra did a good selling job. Also, it will be produced by none other than Dan the Automator (Dr. Octagon, Handsome Boy Modeling School,Gorillaz,Zach De La Rocha)! Studio work begins late summer.
In related news Mike will be contributing to Dan's latest project , "Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady To". A love song!!!!!
2) Mike will be adding another movie to his activities. He will be acting in the movie AMNESIA from academy award winning Italian director , Salvatores.
3) Fantômas looking into Australian and US tours in August/Sept
4) archives
5) What do Patton,Massive Attack & the Prodigy have in common? We'll see!
6) AtomSmasher signs to Ipecac!!!!
7) Buy eX-Girl CDs now!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
8) The Melvins tore it up live!!!!

Jan. 11, 2001

News Update

As rumored about, the working band name Tomahawk has been
chosen by the band consisting of Duane Denison, Mike Patton,
Kevin Rutmanis and John Stanier.
This band IS different from Peeping Tom. Still no official
members of Peeping Tom other than Patton and the label has
still not been chosen.
Both projects are in a rough demo stage. Both sound great!
Both are expected in 2001

Jan. 8, 2001

News Update

New release news!
IPC 13 "Inner Scratch Demons" by DJ Eddie Def will be
released March 20th
IPC 14 "Colossus of Destiny" a live noise record by the
Melvins will be released in April followed by a US Melvins

Dec. 28, 2000

News Update

For those of you that are planning to attend the New Year's Eve show, be sure to bring some extra money to purchase a special commemrative glow-in-the-dark t-shirt!

Dec. 12, 2000

News Update

Seems you peeps are looking for some recording news. Here
you go:
SF DJ Eddie Def has finished his CD "Inner Scratch Demons"
should be out in Feb/March
We are working on deals to put out the new eX-Girl CD and
the next 2 MSR Madness Song/poem CDs
NYC legendary lo-fi rapper Sensational is recording his
Ipecac debut
Melvins will begin recording soon for a new studio CD by
Fall. We might put out an odd live Melvins CD and dig
through the archives for some older Melvins reissues too!
Justin Broaderick(Godflesh) and Kevin Martin(GOD) are
working on a new unnamed Ipecac project.
Patton related news:
Work has begun on a new Fantômas CD of soundtrack cover
songs and a new original Fantômas CD (sounding different)
will be recorded in the spring/summer
Peeping Tom is getting rave reviews from record labels. We
will be posting some music in the future. Still deciding on
the home for this project, hope to know soon. No band
members named yet. It is very catchy/modern/groovy music
with real singing!!!!! Radio will NOT be able to avoid this
Mike is also part of an unamed as of yet rock band featuring
Duane Denison(Jesus Lizard-guitar), John Stanier
(Helmet-drums), Kevin Rutmanis (Melvins,Cows-bass) & Patton.
The guys are trading tapes ready to record early 2001!
Mr.Bungle has no immediate plans.
Oh yeah and the merch store is coming together along with
the new look website!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!Thanks for your support!

Dec. 4, 2000

News Update

Here is what might be a once in a lifetime show! We have
just confirmed Moonraker at the Knitting Factory LA on Dec
18th, that's right the day after Fantômas. Moonraker will
consist of Mike Patton, Dj Flare & Buckethead!!!!!!
The Lucky Stars open. tickets on sale now.