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June 13, 2002

News Update

Ok folks! The limited edition HEMOPHILIAC CD set is NOW SHIPPING! There are a couple hundred left after preorders!
go to this link!

June 6, 2002

News Update

It's official. Tomahawk will be opening up for the WHOLE North American TOOL tour! Many of the dates are listed in the calendar section. More coming including a lot of midwest and a couple Canadian dates. This is TOOL's tour so we don't have any ticket info.
Also look for the first of MANY Dälek tour dates in the calendar section!
Still a few Halloween tickets left.

May 29, 2002

News Update

Ok folks! Here it is! The Halloween-Ipecac Recordings showcase in NYC is on sale now!
For one week tickets will be on sale to you! Starting June 6th the show goes public. This show is part of the CMJ music convention so tickets will be limited. To remind you, this show features: Tomahawk, MelvinsFantômas Big Band, Isis, dälek, Skeleton Key and DJ Jim Thirwell........ all for $30!!!!!!!!!
Go to this website now!

May 21, 2002

News Update

How does lunch with the Melvins sound? Friday May 24th the Melvins will play a FREE mini set at Amoeba Records on Haight Street in San Francisco at 1pm. Celebrate the release of HOSTILE AMBIENT TAKEOVER. The later that night at Slim's see the full show......... if you get your ticket in time.

May 16, 2002

News Update

*After much waiting, we can finally announce the first couple weeks of the Toolahawk tour. That's right, Tool has been kind enough to offer the opening slot for half of their US summer tour to Tomahawk. For confirmed shows so far check the calendar section. We are planning on announcing more shows up to August 10th soon. Also looking into adding a club show or 2. Stay tuned!
*The bad news is that Tomahawk will NOT be going back to Europe this year. Very sorry. The band will be working on the new album this Fall and return to Australia for a few shows in October followedby Halloween in NYC of course!
*Halloween in NYC Ipecac showcase ticket announcement soon.
*Other touring news..... Do not miss the Melvins current tour!!!!!! Opening slots by our own eX-Girls and Isis on some shows. Check the calendar!
*Did you buy your HEMOPHILIAC?
*Prepare for Jim Thirwell's(Foetus) latest, Steroid Maximus - ECTOPIA. Out at the end of the month. This is a VERY cool CD!
*The return of Skeleton Key is almost here! June 25th is the release date for OBTAINIUM.
* More items coming soon to the store. Sorry, due to legal reasons no Melvins stuff. Rumors of a Bungle store are gathering steam.
*Some of you have noticed more message board censoring than usual. Based on the e-mails we receive it became clear that most of you were getting sick of a lot of the childish
offensive garbage on the boards. We will try to watch it closer. For the 2 or 3 of you whining about your rights and censorship, blah blah blah....... LEAVE! We don't need you or want you around. There are plenty of places on the Internet that you can go to start fights and show off your creative use of the english language. Hatred, racism, sexism and homophobia don't impress us.

May 9, 2002

News Update

Ok, here is the link to prepurchase the limited edition , HEMOPHILIAC CD set. Secure one before they are gone!

For more info see the news item below!

May 6, 2002

News Update

EXTRA EXTRA the mighty Melvins will be playing an instore, free show this week, Thursday May 9th at the beautiful Amoeba Records store in Hollywood California at 7 pm!!!! Did I mention free?

May 3, 2002

News Update

Ok diehard music collectors, check this out. We are helping our friends at Tzadik sell this one time only collector CD set. DO NOT HESITATE.

JOHN ZORN/MIKE PATTON/IKUE MORI - Hemophiliac (Tzadik Special Edition) *limited edition 2 CD set of 2,500 copies worldwide
*autographed by Zorn, Patton and Mori!!!

Recorded in various locations, enclosed in fancy, wonderful packaging and bound to disappear quickly!!! This brutal alto sax/voice &
effects/computer trio is incredibly intense live and these recordings capture their scary sonic storm.

Only sold through your favorite adventurous music outlet Downtown Music Gallery(NYC), and the Tzadik and Ipecac websites!!! Due to be released on or about June 1st.

Priced around $40 plus shipping and handling. Stay tuned for purchasing details!

May 1, 2002

News Update

Ok east coast peeps! Here it is! Mark your calendar for the biggest, sickest Ipecac show ever!!! October 31st (Halloween, fool) 2002....... Irving Plaza.......New York City........... confirmed on the bill.........TOMAHAWK..........FANTôMASMELVINS Big Band..........ISIS...............
DäLEK............. and more!!!!!!!
We will have ticket price and more details soon! We are trying to work out a way to sell tix through our website for one week before they are available to everyone else. Maybe as soon as the next week or 2! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. It should rival any New Years Show ever.
Halloween......Ipecac......New York City !

Apr. 11, 2002

News Update

Some frequently asked questions need to be answered.
1)The STORE has been a huge success. As a matter of fact, if you don't see the size you want, be patient, odds are it is just being restocked. We have added a few limited edition designs. A couple of the old New Years Eve show shirts, an ash version of a Tomahawk design and the comic book Tomahawk design. Thes will only be available until they run out. You don't have many size choices on these. We are working on some embroidered items too. Don't forget you can purchase CDs from us by going to the DISCOGRAPHY section and clicking on purchase it for any of the released titles.
2) The FantômasMelvins live CD has been a huge success as well. We did not expect it to be honest. The CD will make an appearance on a couple billboard charts in the US. Once again, if you are having trouble finding it, be patient. We are scrambling to get more out there. For example, the Best Buy chain did not even get any of their order yet. Please make sure that the store you purchase it from is selling it cheaper than our other CDs.
3) A lot of people e-mail us looking for tour dates. Just to clarify, that is what the CALENDAR section is for. ALL dates that are confirmed, will be posted there. Not rumors or possible shows. More Melvins and Tomahawk dates coming soon!
4) We are working on something very special for the people on the east coast of the US. Stay tuned.
5) Mike is off the road but still very busy. He is finally recording the Dillinger Escape Plan EP, he hopes to start work on Peeping Tom in May, hopes to work on new Fantômas and Tomahawk records this Fall for release in 2003 and has a couple other projects in the planning stages. Tomahawk looks to be playing more US, European and Australian dates before the end of the year. Of course, right now he is concentrating on the NBA playoffs.
6) The honors are rolling in. Ipecac was named best Independent Record Label in Italy! Thanks to our Italian distributor White 'n' Black !!!!
7) H.A.T.H.A.T.H.A.T.H.A.T.H.A.T.H.A.T.H.A.T.