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May 6, 2003

News Update

Holy hair plugs!!!! The new TOMAHAWK CD, "Mit Gas" is here!!!!!!
Check out the artwork!!!!!
The Geek Show is destroying! Who needs a stinkin overpriced lollapalooza or ozzfest???
Get there early! The bands are ALL in top form! If you have not had a chance to see Skeleton Key or Dälek.... do it now!
European and Australian dates are coming!

Apr. 29, 2003

News Update

Very sorry to report that the Ipecac tour curse continues. The May 28th Geek Show has been moved from Atlanta to Athens Georgia. It will end up sounding better but the venue is smaller. Please get a refund from where you purchased your tickets. Sorry for the inconvenience. The person we were working with left the Masquerade. It was unexpected.
Despite what you hear,NO European dates arfe confirmed yet, but we are working on them.

Apr. 22, 2003

News Update

Happy Halloween!
Run to your local record store to pick up PINK ANVIL'S "Halloween Party" !!!!
This is the ugly side project of Paul Barker from Ministry. Paul and Ministry percussion/sax man, Max, create odd and wonderful soundscapes. Fantômas fans should dig it!
In case you did not notice, we have partnered with Music Today for most of the Geek Show dates so yhou can buy tickets without spending an arm and a leg on ticket surcharges. Go to the calendar section for more info.
The US Geek Show dates are done! No more shows added but plenty of tickets available in most cities. See you at the shows.
Here is what is coming up:
April: Pink Anvil "Halloween Party"
May: Tomahawk "Mit Gas"
June: Curse of the Golden Vampire "Mass Destruction"
July: Mondo Generator "A Drug Problem That Never Existed"
Queens of the Stone Age "Songs For the Deaf" vinyl
August: Desert Sessions "9 & 10"
September: Fantômas "Shaq Needs Help! "

Apr. 3, 2003

News Update

We have just been informed that the May 21 Irving Plaza NYC Geek Show tickets go on sale Friday, April 4th at noon EST.

Apr. 1, 2003

News Update

Ipecac Recordings Geek Show Festival at Irving Plaza New York City

Wed May 21
MelvinsFantômas Big Band (both bands combined only third time they ever did it)
Mondo Generator (featuring Nick Oliveri from Queens of the Stone Age who are opening for Chili Peppers night before)
Battles (debut show of band featuring John-Tomahawk and Ian-Don Caballero)

Thur May 22
Skeleton Key

Fri May 23
Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant (featuring Trevor Dunn from Fantômas & Mr.Bungle)

Mar. 31, 2003

News Update

Tuesday April 1st 2003 Ipecac Recordings turns 4 years old!!!! What a lfast 4 years! Thanks for all of your support!!! Now for the news!

1) Still have a couple more Geek show US stops to confirm. Stay tuned. Will be announcing the NYC openers soon. Apologies to our friends who did not get a Geek show stop. Especially those of you in Canada and Florida. We just did not get good offers from those places. Quite a drag! We are working on European and Australian Geek show tours. Remember, we don't get club info ( ticket prices, on sales dates or where to purchase) they just tell us where the shows are and when. Tickets are selling very well, we are told. Thanks!!

2) Can we drop the whole file sharing issue? As a label we do not support most of these sites for the fact that they ignore the artists, which we don't think is very cool. They do not care if an artist would like something removed or if a file is fake. The concept of file sharing is very cool. That is why we have a trading area on our site. Diehard fans can swap cool, rare music. As long as the artist is not getting exploited, we are all for it! As a matter of fact the releases that get leaked before they are released are always the bigger releases and it is a good sign that demand is high, not to mention it is good publicity. A percent of people will download and not buy, but that is a fact of life, and if we were not able to deal with that we should not be in this business. We always try to have nice packaging anyway. Another percent of people like to wait for the release day and don't want to hear about it til they get their hands on it. As always, if you don't like the fact that we are deleting links and discussion about downloading MIT GAS, instead of whining about censorship and annoying everyone, express your disdain by leaving our website. There might be a better place for you. Hell, start your own anti-ipecac site!!! Those of you that want it in advance can find it, those that don't can wait. In the meantime look for an album preview in the archives section!

3) Plenty of great music out now!!!! Melvins, Ruins,Kaada,Young Gods!!!!

Mar. 27, 2003

News Update

"Mit Gas"

release date: May 2003

1) Birdsong
2) Rape This Day
3) You Can’t Win
4) Mayday
5) Rotgut
6) Capt. Midnight
7) Desastre Natural
8) When The Stars Begin To Fall
9) Harelip
10) Harlem Clowns
11) Aktion F1413
12) What A Feeling (Flashdance)

Mar. 20, 2003

News Update

The Geek Show tour just confirmed April 30th in Vegas baby!!! Check the calendar. We will be confirming more dates soon. Also, Mondo Generator has been added to the shows in San Diego, Anaheim and Vegas!!!! New York openers should be decided soon! Put your politics aside and party with the Ipecac Krew!

Mar. 19, 2003

News Update

Fight plaque, not Iraq !

Mar. 11, 2003

News Update

Time for a history lesson. Learn where it all started, the seeds of rock and roll were planted.
Out now..... 26 SONGS by the Melvins. Including the first released material ever by the self proclaimed greatest band in the history of music. Demand 26 SONGS from your record store now! See em as part of the Geek Show too!