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Mar. 11, 2004

News Update

Hey, check out our cousins at They finally cleaned up their stuff and moved to their own website. Get your Eagles of Death Metal and NoMeansNo info there!

Mar. 8, 2004

News Update

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MELVINS!!!!! March 9 1984-March 9 2004
The Melvins are on their mini tour tearing it up! The long anticipated, beautiful book, NEITHER HERE,NOR THERE is out tomorrow. Look for or ask for the paperback version at cool record or bookstores. Or order the super suave hardcover autographed version from our website for $65 starting tomorrow. The book is jammed with stories, photos and award winning artwork. Both versions include a CD retrospective available nowhere else. A coffee table book unlike any other, documenting the self proclaimed greatest band in the history of music.

Mar. 3, 2004

News Update

Ok Geeks! Here we go again! The 2004 US Ipecac Geek tour is on!
This year for your pleasure we offer the long awaited return of FANTôMAS with MELT BANANA and introducing new Ipecac recording artist END.. As an added bonus, the first 2 shows will also feature our buddies, the Locust!!! OH MY.
Check the calendar section for the the dates. A few more shows will be added in the next week. Contact the venues for ticket information, but we have been told some shows are already on sale. This is a tour that is not to be missed.

Feb. 18, 2004

News Update

Ok, a lot to cover today, so here we go. First the new releases.
It is going to be a very busy year here at Ipecac.
*I'm assuming you all already have the latest Fantômas opus, DELIRIUM CORDIA. The 4th Fantômas full length is not scheduled yet but it is starting to look like early 2005 for that one. We have plenty for you while you wait.
*The long anticipated Melvins 20th anniversary book NEITHER HERE NOR THERE comes out. This beautiful coffee table book includes a CD Melvins compilation available nowhere else. This book should be widely available. Sometime around March 9th we will be selling limited edition, autographed hardcover versions of this same book. Available only online at our webstore or if you catch the Melvins on the road on this mini US tour listed in the calendar section.
*Also in March, we introduce most of you to the most interesting band to come out of Germany in a looooooong time. Bohren and Der Club of Gore. We reissue their masterwork BLACK EARTH. This is a moody, atmospheric meditation unlike anything on Ipecac. Chill!
*It gets crazy with a full length release from End titled THE SOUNDS OF DISASTER. This is sound collage madness. A pastiche of beats, electronics, lounge, rock and general b movie weirdness.
*We are very proud to reissue VIRIGINAL CO ORDINATES the most recent full length from multi talented musician Eyvind Kang. This was originally released by our friends at Angelica records in Europe and features our very own Mike Patton. A beautiful ambient excursion from the violinist who has worked with many artists including a band called Mr Bungle.
*In May we will also introduce you to the punk/metal supergroup Venomous Concept with their debut RETROACTIVE ABORTION. In the vein of Poison Idea, this band features members of Brutal Truth, Napalm Death and the Melvins. This is not a beautiful record!
* We make it thru the halfway mark of 2004 by releasing the new full length from Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant. We begged our dear friend Trevor (Fantômas,Bungle) to fire up his trio again and he has obliged. We are eternally grateful, now it better be good!

*The second half of the year will be jammed with quality releases from Flat Earth Society, Melvins, Kaada, Isis, Dälek, Patton vs the X-ecutioners Ennio Morricone and....... maybe even the debut from Peeping Tom.

We will be introducing new t-shirts and the sort so keep an eye out on the Ipecac merchandise webstore and finally the much anticipated Mr Bungle t-shirts will be back in print at in the VERY near future.Your chance to pay homage and line the pockets of the late great Bungle.

Stay tuned to stay up to date on tour dates in the calendar section, heck, we might even change the website around a bit.

* Also look for the launch of our friends label, AntAcidAudio. They kick off in March with the much talked about RekordsRekords co-release debut from the Eagles of Death Metal PEACE LOVE DEATH METAL featuring Jesse "the devil" Hughes and Josh Homme. Then in April AAA along with Wrong Records releases a very cool compilation by hall of famers NoMeansNo called THE PEOPLES CHOICE

Ok, now, back to work.

Feb. 4, 2004

News Update

Join the KIDS OF WIDNEY HIGH for the record release party celebrating their new CD "Act Your Age"
Feb 19th at the Knitting Factory(Los Angeles) going on at 9:30pm.
Talk to the kids about their part in the upcoming Farrelly Bros movie!

Jan. 29, 2004

News Update

Fantômas' DELIRIUM CORDIA has arrived ! Even Rolling Stone magazine loves it!
In other Fantômas related news, the touring plans are coming together. Look for a US tour starting March 25 in southern cali and ending in LA on April 22. (rumor is that Melt Banana will be one of the openers!) Then starting May 5th the band will begin a 4 week European jaunt until they have to hand Dave back to Slayer.

Jan. 22, 2004

News Update

Looking for some stimulating reading material? So are we. But if you want something mindless and entertaining pick up the 2 new copies of Soda Pressed magazine out of England. Issue 5 features a story "on the road with the Melvins" and issue 6 includes interviews with NoMeansNo, Adam Jones (Tool) and Mark Mothersbaugh(Devo). Worth a read.

Jan. 20, 2004

News Update

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in LA on Thursday Jan 22 at Spaceland with Isis & Battles!!!!!!

Jan. 16, 2004

News Update

Just to answer a couple popular questions.
1) the paperback version of the upcoming Melvins book (including CD retrospective) will indeed be available at cool record stores worlwide.
2) the hardcover limited version will be available only at Melvins shows and at our webstore.

Jan. 14, 2004

News Update

It is time to celebrate! The self proclaimed "greatest band in the history of music", the mighty MELVINS celebrate their 20th anniversary this March. Yes, beleive it or not it was 20 years ago on March 9th 1984 in Olympia Washington, the very first Melvins show. To celebrate we are releasing a very special coffee table book called "NEITHER HERE,NOR THERE" on March 2nd. This is an amazing retrospective highlighting artwork from their releases, ruminations from the band and their friends and a CD compilation featuring tracks from all their releases only available in this book.
As if this was not enough, the Melvins will be doing a mini celebration tour on the west coast of the US. Dates are posted in the calendar section now. At these shows you will be able to buy a special, limited edition, overpriced, hardcover, version of the book. Join the party!!!!!
How many other rock bands have survived 20 years and are still relevant?