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Dec. 1, 2004

News Update

Hey US Melvins fans! It is your chance to experience the live movie soundtrack Melvins show. Check it out:

Underground Filmmaker Cameron Jamie Explores Dark Suburban Rituals in Films Set to a Live Score by The Melvins, Dec. 4, UCLA Live

"Not documentaries in any familiar sense-the films are anthropological, but they're also intense immersive experiences, especially if seen with the roiling live accompaniment from heavy metal minimalists, the Melvins." -Time Out (London)

LOS ANGELES- In three films to be screened at UCLA Live, American artist and underground filmmaker Cameron Jamie documents quirky and sometimes disturbing suburban rituals-from L.A.'s backyard wrestling ("BB," 2000), to America's obsession with Halloween ("Spook House," 2003), to Austria's curious preoccupation with a menacing yuletide beast called the Krampus ("Kranky Klaus," 2003). Set to a powerful live score by the legendary post-punk band, The Melvins, this event takes place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 4 at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus, and will run approximately one hour with no intermission. For tickets call 310-825-2101, visit or contact Ticketmaster.

Nov. 29, 2004

News Update

Nov 30th is a big day around here.
the much anticipated Kaada/Patton collaboration, "ROMANCES" is out! Go to your record store and demand it! "A spooky dreamy masterpiece" says Gene Siskel. Not sure what movie he was talking about but if he were alive he would be in lone to buy this damn CD.
* Also, if you are in the NYC area, looking for a party, wanting to get the lowdown on the upcoming new release from Dälek, check this out!
A free Dälek show and party to preview their February release "Absence" at

116 suffolk @ rivington

7:30pm doors
7:45 - dälek djs
8:15 - 8:45 dälek plays live set
over by 9:30

Ho ho ho!!!!

Nov. 17, 2004

News Update

Wow! The west coast Ipecac crue was just treated to an Isis show in SanFrancisco. Check the calendar. If these guys are anywhere near you.......GO!
The holidays are here time to shop! There are some cool items in the store. The legendary Melvins book "Neither Here..." paperback version with retrospective CD is in stock as well as the limited edition mini tour picture book. How about a Trevor Dunn shirt? Patton/Rahzel stuff too! Coming soon, we will have the double LP Fantômas DELERIUM CORDIA vinyl. Don't overpay on ebay.

Nov. 1, 2004

News Update

How about some adventurous big band music? Take the journey with Flat Earth Society (FES) 's new Ipecac release "ISMS"
Available now!

Oct. 20, 2004

News Update

Well it's not one our releases, but certainly a release that deserves a shout out. The much anticipated Jello Biafra & the Melvins collaboration "Never Breathe What You Can't See" is in stores now. Jello is back at the top of his game with a pretty damn good backing band. This release is from our pals at Alternative Tentacles Records. Check it out!
Oh....and....... GTA San Andreas

Oct. 19, 2004

News Update

UCLA Live presents

Cameron Jamie

Three Films: Kranky Klaus/BB/Spook House

With live score by the MELVINS

“Not documentaries in any familiar sense – the films are anthropological, but they’re also intense immersive experiences, especially if seen with the roiling live accompaniment from heavy metal minimalists, the Melvins.” —Time Out (London)

Raised in the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, American artist and filmmaker Cameron Jamie has explored the dark underbelly of the American dream in drawings, film and performance. Jamie’s investigations into quirky and sometimes violent suburban rituals are revealed in his new films Spook House and Kranky Klaus – urgent, unaffected and alarming journeys into the heart of vernacular culture.

Filmed in the white working-class suburbs of Detroit, Spook House explores America’s peculiar occupation with Halloween, revealing a community reveling in the macabre. Front lawns are transformed into cemeteries, kitchens become mausoleums and dismembered “bodies” are prepared for cannibal feasts. Jamie’s camera tracks the celebrants as the nights become longer and darker. Kranky Klaus unearths unseasonably violent behavior by a legendary beast called the Krampus at Christmas time in Austria. Both films will be screened with Jamie’s earlier acclaimed film about backyard wrestlers in Los Angeles, BB. Jamie’s vertiginous takes on these rituals are heightened by the menacing sounds of the legendary post-punk band, the Melvins, who will perform a live soundtrack created especially for these films. Formed in 1984 in Aberdeen, Washington, this three-man cult group has influenced many seminal bands of the last two decades including Nirvana. Drum, bass and guitar combine to create a powerful and claustrophobic sound.

Sat, Dec 4 at 8pm

UCLA's Royce Hall

Tickets: 310.825.2101 /

Oct. 19, 2004

News Update

The full length follow up to "OCEANIC" is out in most places now! Jump on the bandwagon, there is room. Their best yet with loads of tour dates to support this stunning record.

Oct. 14, 2004

News Update

Time for the news!!!
First, a couple of members of the Melvins WILL indeed still backup Jello Biafra on Halloween in San Francisco at the Alternative Tentacles party. It will be a special all star band!
Fall is in the air which means its basketball season, so you need to get your gear! Check out the Patton/Rahzel stuff in the store at Right now there is a cap and t shirt with Patton on the front and Rahzel on the back. Coming soon, limited edition jerseys!!!!
Oh by the way some paperback versions of the Melvins book will be in the store soon!!!!
New Isis is almost here as is the Flat Earth Society compilation. Hope you are enjoying Vincent & Mr Green.
Kaada/Patton "ROMANCES" will finish 2004 with a bang in November.
2005 will be jam packed!!!!!
General Patton vs the X-ecutioners in January!
Dälek in February!
Locust Ep in March!
Guapo record in March!
Fantômas in April!

Oct. 7, 2004

News Update

Trevor Dunn will play SF!!!!

Trevor Dunn's Trio-Convulsant
Thursday, October 14 7-8:30pm (happy hour show only!)
The Hemlock Tavern
1131 Polk st, San Francisco
(between Post & Sutter---two blocks from the Great
American Music Hall)

RIP Rodney

Oct. 5, 2004

News Update

Time for some good news! Run out to your local cool record store and grab the self titled CD from the newest members of our family, VINCENT & MR GREEN. Bathe in the majestic beauty of this otherworldly soundtrack. Wow, what the hell did that mean? Look, this is a very cool record that takes you in many directions covering many different genres. File this under artists who are challenging and unpredictable like Mr Tom Waits or Ms PJ Harvey. Hauntingly beautiful.
Not sure how they are going to pull it off live but we will find out friday at the record release party at VIDA in Los Feliz California, outside of LA. See you there.
Go to for all the details.

Oh and the hits keep coming. new Isis, PANOPTICON (late Oct) coming soon as well as the much anticipated Kaada/Patton ROMANCES record (Nov)