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Mar. 23, 2005

News Update

So we were doing some spring cleaning at Ipecac and found a lot of trash on the bulletin board. We decided it best to take it down. The kind of crap on there was not what we want to put out as a representation of our label. Too bad you can't have an online community for sharing thoughts and ideas without it being polluted by a handful of morons. Thank you for your continued support.

Mar. 22, 2005

News Update

Hard to beleive it is actually here! Not spring, the damn Locust EP, "Safety Second, Body Last". We've been talking about this one for years and it was worth the wait. One of our favorite freak collectives FINALLY release something on Ipecac! To celebrate, we even invited them to take part in the much anticipated Fatômas, Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant US tour!!! They will not be on all shows, so check your local listing. This record might catch some diehard Locust fans off guard, but really, nothing should shock a diehard Locust fan.

Mar. 8, 2005

News Update

Spring is just around the corner... time for some beautiful music.
Ok, how about some music to smack you upside the head and twist you around?
If you are a fan of freakin Bright Eyes you probably won't like GUAPO. But here they are.
Today we proudly release the 6th full length from the acclaimed underground tweakers from London known as GUAPO. The record is called "Black Oni" it is one disturbing piece of music. Hypnotic, driving and relentless. They have been around for 10 years and have opened for Fantômas, the Melvins and Tomahawk so a lot of you might already know them. For the rest of you, it is time to catch up. "Black Oni" in stores now!!!!!
PS tickets for the New York and SanFrancisco Geek shows are on sale NOW!!!

Feb. 9, 2005

News Update

The return of the mighty Dälek!!!! The New Jersey noise-hop trio are back with their 3rd full length, ABSENCE, out now!!!! This is by far their best record ever. Crosses many genres. Critics are raving. The band is touring non stop. Jump on the bandwagon!!! Ipecac all-stars Dälek are back!!!!!!

Feb. 7, 2005

News Update

As you can see in the calendar section, most of the 2005 US Geek tour dates have been announced. A few more to come. The lineup is very nice once again. Unfortunately the Locust will not be with us on all the dates. They actually have morals and won't play Clear Channel venues. Fantômas on the hand are whores and go where the money is!
We need to let you know, once again, that if your city is not listed, it does not mean the bands did not want to go to your city, and it does not mean that we hate your city. It simply means that there was not a club in your city that made a good offer for the tour. The bands don't choose the clubs, the clubs decide to make offers or not. Bitch at your local clubs, not at us or the bands. We love you Ft. Wayne!!!!!
Fantômas are looking into a European tour to start in June and exploring options for Australia and South America too! Stay tuned! Look for other Ipecac bands in your area as well. Isis! Dälek! Guapo! and more!!!!!

Jan. 24, 2005

News Update

At Ipecac, it's ALL on the road in 05!!!!
Check out the calendar section for tour dates by Isis & Dälek!!!!!
Coming soon, it is true, the Geek Tour returns to the US in April with Fantômas, the Locust and Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant sharing the stage!!!!! Sick, huh? Dates coming soon!!!

Jan. 13, 2005

News Update

Proud to announce that Dälek will be part of the tsunami relief benefit at the Virgin megastore in Times Square in NYC on Jan 20th. They will go on at 6:30 pm. Also slated to play are Dillinger Escape Plan and others. Help out and enjoy some good music.

Dec. 16, 2004

News Update

Hey, you live in New York City and need something to do on New Years Eve? How about Mike Patton and John Zorn at the Knitting Factory? They will be playing 2 sets. One at 7pm and one at 10pm. Tickets are $30 for the early show, $35 for the late one and tickets are very limited! Now THAT is how to ring in the new year, or at the very least leave some ringing in your ears.

Dec. 14, 2004

News Update

Just in time to miss the holidays we have stocked our webstore.
2 VERY cool new items. Finally the Fantômas DELIRIUM CORDIA vinyl picture disc is in stock!!! Get them before they are gone!!!
Also some VERY cool reversible basketball jerseys. On one side you are a member of the East all-stars represented by Rahzel; flip the jersey inside out and you are a west coast all star represented by Mike Patton. These are limited edition items.

Dec. 1, 2004

News Update

Hey US Melvins fans! It is your chance to experience the live movie soundtrack Melvins show. Check it out:

Underground Filmmaker Cameron Jamie Explores Dark Suburban Rituals in Films Set to a Live Score by The Melvins, Dec. 4, UCLA Live

"Not documentaries in any familiar sense-the films are anthropological, but they're also intense immersive experiences, especially if seen with the roiling live accompaniment from heavy metal minimalists, the Melvins." -Time Out (London)

LOS ANGELES- In three films to be screened at UCLA Live, American artist and underground filmmaker Cameron Jamie documents quirky and sometimes disturbing suburban rituals-from L.A.'s backyard wrestling ("BB," 2000), to America's obsession with Halloween ("Spook House," 2003), to Austria's curious preoccupation with a menacing yuletide beast called the Krampus ("Kranky Klaus," 2003). Set to a powerful live score by the legendary post-punk band, The Melvins, this event takes place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 4 at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus, and will run approximately one hour with no intermission. For tickets call 310-825-2101, visit or contact Ticketmaster.