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Aug. 15, 2005

News Update

Rest in peace John Loder : a good man, a faithful colleague and a great friend of the art of all music.

Aug. 9, 2005

News Update

Hey Locust fans! Here's your chance to let your voice be heard! Let's let the San Diego music community know what they have in their own backyard..... it ain't pretty!
The 15th annual San Diego Music Awards Nominees were announced earlier. Online voting begins on Monday August 8 and runs thru August 31. Voting is done thru the website, at Public voting is done on all genre categories. The album categories are voted on by the San Diego Music Awards Academy, which includes talent buyers, music critics and others within the San Diego Music community.

Aug. 5, 2005

News Update

The announcement lists are back (for real this time)!

We have completed the setup of the announcements lists using Google Groups. As before, there are two lists. One for news updates and one for calendar updates.

We have decided against moving the subscriber list over manually because there are hundreds and hundreds of dead emails in our current subscriber list. So we would like to ask you to resubscribe if you'd like to continue to recieve updates from us. If you have emailed us asking to be unsubscribed from the previous lists, then you don't need to do anything. You will not receive any future emails from us.

You can (re)subscribe by filling out the form at the top of either the news page, the calendar page, or both!

If anyone has any questions or problems, please contact

Aug. 4, 2005

News Update

Hey Yo! What's happening? As you can see in the calendar section, the Fantômas crue is heading out to do some shows in Japan and Australia to continue the SUSPENDED ANIMATION celebration tour. Grab em while they are hot. Dave Lombardo will providing the drums on this mini jaunt.
We need to address a couple issues that many don't seem to understand. The band is very disappointed that they are only playing 4 shows in Australia. That is all that they were offered. We are bummed that our friends in Adelaide, Canberra, etc & New Zealand will not be able to easily witness these shows. We undertstand that because of the economy a lot of bands are not being offered as many shows as usual. Hopefully things will change in the near future.
Likewise the band will NOT be touring South America this Fall. They received some offers but the offers were not enough to make it financially feasible. Their booking agent is working feverishly though to try to get you some Fantômas in South America eventually. Much love to our peeps in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

July 26, 2005

News Update

Lots of cool stuff happening!
We just released the vinyl version of the newest Queens of the Stone Age record "Lullabies To Paralyze" on vinyl that includes bonus tracks!!! This is a cool record.
Fantômas is working on tour dates in China, Japan, Australia and South America ALL in the month of September. Stay tuned for info.....SOON!
HUGE thanks to the incomparable Terry Bozzio who did the recent Fantômas tour on drums. There are a lot of questions/rumors about the status of Dave Lombardo. He is still the drummer in the band but his schedule is very tricky, so from time to time Terry has offered to step in. Our luck. 2 very different but 2 of the very best skinsmen alive!
New Fantômas stuff in the merch section of the website!
The Melvins do indeed have a new bass player! And more? Details soon.
New releases: We introduce you to Iceland's MUGISON and Russia's Messer Chups In October. Wait til you check out these!!!!!
In November our sister label AntAcidAudio will be releasing the new Altamont (Melvins Dale Crover's other band) "The Monkees Uncle"
Working on mailing list problems , we apologize, stay tuned.

May 11, 2005

News Update

Now that was quick! Seems all you Fantômas diehards bought all the tickets for the Los Angles warmup show before the show was announced to the general coldplay loving public. Soooooooo the band has been guilted into adding a late show that same night! That's right, on June 6th at the Troubadour in LA there is an 8pm sold out show and now a new 10:30 show. Get there on time! Neeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiilllll Hamburger will warm you up !
Don't fool around and get there late for the first show. These shows will be the unveiling of part time Fantômas drummer Terry Bozzio!

May 2, 2005

News Update

Ok, the secret is just between us. For you diehard So Cal Fantômas fans that did not want to deal with the sweltering heat and Coldplay & goth loving masses at the Coachella festival, here is a special chance. To prepare for the upcoming European tour, and to introduce the legendary Terry Bozzio as the fill in drummer (Dave is on the road with Slayer), we are proud to announce that Fantômas will be playing an intimate warmup show at the Troubadour in LA on June 6th!!!! For 3 days, you our faithful diehards will be able to purchase these tix before those same Colplay fans get a chance. Here is the link:

Password: IPECAC

Cool password, huh? These tix will fly, so grab them now!

Oh and check out the extras section in the archives at
Our boys, Fantômas spent an off day at Comiskey Park in Chicago enjoying a White Sox game and look who was picked as fan of the game!!!!!!!!
Special thanks and much love to Nick Miller/JAM and the Metro in Chicago !!! We salute you!

Apr. 25, 2005

News Update

Hey Europe! Here they come! The Fantômas European dates are starting to be confirmed. A few more to come. Sorry to say we don't have exact location or ticket info for most of these shows. A lot of festivals obviously. Check out the Roskilde festival!!!!! Maldoror, Fantômas and Kaada/Patton are ALL playing Roskilde and we are working on confirming Patton/Rahzel as well!!! Check the calendar section for updates. We will be adding some of our friends to the opening slot at the club shows.
Oh and the rumor is true. Dave Lombardo will be on the road with his adult contemporary band Slayer at the same time, so the legendary Terry Bozzio will be filling in! Should be quite a show.

Apr. 14, 2005

News Update

Hey European Fantômas fans! We will be announcing June/July tour dates very soon. Mostly festivals. Also, for the month of April, only the limited edition version of SUSPENDED ANIMATION will be available. The simpler packaged version will come out next month. No difference in the music though.

Apr. 6, 2005

News Update

Tuesday, April 12, Fantomas will be stopping by the Virgin Megastore in Union Square at 3pm for a special autograph signing prior to their Irving Plaza show later that night. WSOU will be on hand at the event giving away a pair of tickets to the show and 5 copies of the latest Fantomas release SUSPENDED ANIMATION. Suspended Animation was released this past Tuesday and purchase of the CD from the Virgin Megastore is required to attend the event, so don’t forget your receipt. The Virgin Megastore is located at the corner of 14th street and Broadway.