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Nov. 17, 2005

News Update

Hey don't know if you knew this but our buddies at AntAcidAudio just released the new ALTAMONT CD "The Monkey's Uncle". ALTAMONT is of course Dale Crover's (Melvins) other band. Check it out!

Oct. 18, 2005

News Update

So we were thinking. We've done hip hop, rock, country, comedy, electronic, pop etc etc etc but what the roster was really lacking was a Russian spy/surf/horror themed instrumental rock band. Guess what, we found them! MESSER CHUPS are the pride of Eastern Europe and we are proud to introduce them to you via their most recent full length "Crazy Price". This is what you would call a fun record. Cramps fans, Davie Allan fans, sci fi fans, come one come all it is party time!!!! Come out on a limb with us, check this one out!

Coming soon the Ennio Morricone compilation to end all, a full length of noise from East West Blast Test (Dave Witte & Chris Dodge). Down the road look for releases from Einar Orn (Sugarcubes), Melvins (a new "Houdini"?), other goodies including....... Peeping Tom! It is looking like mid 2006 for the long awaited Patton project.

Oct. 4, 2005

News Update

You don't normally get pretty music from us do you? Today you do. We are proud to present to you one of the greatest talents to come out of Iceland, Mugison. Mugison can be described as a singer/songwriter but too often, that tag means boring folkie. Mugi ain't that. Listen to his most recent full length, "MUGIMAMA! IS THIS MONKEY MUSIC?" This record was called record of the year in Iceland last year. Check out the many moods. This is a late night, long drive, headphone record. Go to and learn more about this artist that has a HUGE future ahead of him. We will be announcing a handful of US tour dates soon. Get on the bandwagon. Fans of Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Bjork, Elliot Smith, intelligent modern pop sign up now!

Oct. 3, 2005

News Update

Hey there Kielty crazies! Check out the calendar section. Jello Biafra and the Melvins are taking their show on the road for a handful of US dates. The Melvins will also be doing a set of their own preceding the Jello/Melvins set. Have you wanted to hear some Dead Kennedy classics the way they were meant to sound? Don't buy into the crap calling themselves Dead Kennedys now. A legendary pairing fo sure!

Sep. 20, 2005

News Update

Kielty here again! How's things?
So have you folks in the US already seen MARCH OF THE PENGUINS 5 times? Looking for something new to view? Well after much anticipation, Mike Patton's acting debut, FIRECRACKER will be shown throughout the US for a series of one night stands. Roger Ebert even gave it 3.5 out of 4 stars. That is a serious thumbs up. Here is the schedule:

11-Oct // Boston // Kendall Square Cinema // One Kendall Square, Cambridge // 02139 // (617) 499-1996

20-Oct // Atlanta // Midtown Art Cinema // 931 Monroe Drive, Atlanta, GA 30308 // (678) 495-1424

25-Oct // Detroit // Main Art Theatre // 118 North Main Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067 // (248) 263-2111

1-Nov // Minneapolis // Lagoon Cinema // 1320 Lagoon Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408 // (612) 825-6006

8-Nov // St. Louis // Tivoli // 6350 Delmar in The Loop, St. Louis, MO 63130 // (314) 995-6270

15-Nov // Houston // River Oaks Theatre // 2009 West Gray, Houston, TX 77019 // (713) 866-8881

17-Nov // Austin // Dobie Theatre // 2025 Guadalupe Street in the Dobie Mall, Austin, TX 78705 // (512) 472-FILM

6-Dec // San Francisco // Embarcadero Center Cinema (corner of Battery and Clay) // One Embarcadero Center, Promenade Level, 94111 // (415) 267-4893

8-Dec // Seattle // Metro Cinemas // 4500 9th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98105 // (206) 781-5755

All showtimes are 7:30 PM. Advance tickets are available by visiting the specific Landmark Cinema in person.

This is all the info we have on the movie so no idea on where or when the movie will play beyond these dates. Stay tuned!

Sep. 20, 2005

News Update

Kielty here with something for you all in London. The mighty Melvins are taking part in the series of concerts at KOKO where bands play one of their greatest records in it's entirety. On October 4th the Melvins will be playing all of HOUDINI at Koko's with a special guest sitting in on bass. tix are only 15 pounds. That is not that heavy!

Sep. 12, 2005

News Update

Congrats Elizabeth & Duane, Maureen & Dale !!!! The world needs more Girrrrrrrl power!

Aug. 31, 2005

News Update


Aug. 15, 2005

News Update

Rest in peace John Loder : a good man, a faithful colleague and a great friend of the art of all music.

Aug. 9, 2005

News Update

Hey Locust fans! Here's your chance to let your voice be heard! Let's let the San Diego music community know what they have in their own backyard..... it ain't pretty!
The 15th annual San Diego Music Awards Nominees were announced earlier. Online voting begins on Monday August 8 and runs thru August 31. Voting is done thru the website, at Public voting is done on all genre categories. The album categories are voted on by the San Diego Music Awards Academy, which includes talent buyers, music critics and others within the San Diego Music community.