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May 6, 2006

News Update

Kielty here with something that you REALLY don't want to miss if you are anywhere near New York City!

There will be a special performance in NYC by the Melvins and Cameron Jamie's films:


Cameron Jamie, The Melvins, and Keiji Haino

Post-punk band the Melvins plays the live scores to Kranky Klaus/BB/Spook House; avant-garde musician Keiji Haino performs to Jamie’s most recent film, JO. The performance will occur at Symphony Space, located at 2537 Broadway at 95th Street; tickets available at Presented in conjunction with the 2006 Biennial.

May 5, 2006

News Update

Always the last to know what's cool.

So we heard about this website called myspace. We think it is going to be popular. We went and got us a page there. Come join us at:

IPECAC RECORDINGS, cutting edge!!!!!

May 2, 2006

News Update

Tickets still available for May 14th Irving Plaza in New York - General Patton vs. Rob Swift & Total Eclipse. This show WILL sell out.

May 1, 2006

News Update

We have a handful of VERY special GHOSTIGITAL US tour dates announced in the calendar section. To help promote the new "In Cod We Trust" CD and all things Iceland, Einar Örn (x-Sugarcubes) will bring his band GHOSTIGITAL to a select few US venues. Expect something good! like this:

Apr. 24, 2006

News Update

TIVO alert! You folks who get US TV channels make note that PEEPING TOM will be making their first ever public appearance on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show on friday May 26th just a couple days before the release of the debut album.

Apr. 18, 2006

News Update

Hey folks! It's a big day here in Ipecac land. A great day for a doubleheader. Twice the pleasure!

First up we introduce you to Australian musical maestro Julian Curwin and his TANGO SALOON. This is a fun, adventurous record that puts quite a twist on tango. Julian mixes in elements of jazz/morricone/classical/improv and electronic music to create something that is completely unique and deserves a genre of it's own. Hey and guess what? A guy named Danny Heifetz, late of Mr Bungle is part of the posse of eclectic musicians responsible for this effort. Good on ya Julian!!!!!

The perfect record to release at the same time is our genre defying favorite , Mugison! Our Icelandic compadre follows up his critically acclaimed MUGIMAMA CD ( CNN and Paste both named it one of 2005s best) with the stunning LITTLE TRIP. Part score, part soundtrack LITTLE TRIP accompanies heralded Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur's film of the same name starring Forest Whitaker and Julia Stiles. Recorded at Sigur Ros' Reykjavik recording studio Sundlaughin (swimming pool), Little Trip features 17-songs/pieces including rockers like Pétur Grétarsson, a swooning cover of Tom Waits classic song Little Trip To Heaven and a live version of Mugimama's Murr Murr. A warm and twangy soundtrack and another beautiful gem from our Mugi. If you have not discovered him yet, now is the time.

Let's play 2!!

Apr. 4, 2006

News Update

Long time Melvins collaborator and friend of Ipecac, David Scott Stone is coming up to Leeds the day after the Melvins-Fantomas Big Band Show in London, to do a special one of solo show. There will be a Leeds only CDR. Expect contact mic cacophony / horror.
May 2nd at The Cardigan Arms in Leeds.

Mar. 31, 2006

News Update

Sorry to say, but due to scheduling conflicts the Big Band show that we announced for the Irving Plaza on May 15th is NOT happening. However, the Gen Patton show on the 14th is still on and tickets will be available soon!
This had nothing to do with Carl Cox.
Play Ball!!!!

Mar. 25, 2006

News Update

Hey New York City!!!!!
Mark May 14 & 15th on your calendar! Irving Plaza is the place.
First, May 14th, the first and only US concert date of General Patton vs. the X-ecutioners, live!!!!!!!
Then on the 15th it will be the FantômasMelvins Big Band performing live!
These shows are not part of any tour, just one offs because our friend Sam at the Irving Plaza in New York loves us so much..... and the feeling is mutual. Stay tuned for maore details!!!!

Mar. 25, 2006

News Update

Long live Buck Owens!!!!!!!