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July 12, 2006

News Update

Hey kids, the new KAADA record is here! KAADA'S Music For Moviebikers came out yesterday and is waiting to be plucked up by you at fine record stores everywhere. Show your class-y-cal side and make us proud.

July 11, 2006

News Update

Next to "An Inconvenient Truth" , what is the most important movie of the last 10 years? Ok, not counting "Death To Smoochy". "Firecracker" perhaps? Maybe not, but you can get it on DVD straight from the creators at:

This is of course the movie that Mike Patton makes his film acting debut in playing 2 parts! Hey, Roger Ebert loved it, maybe you will too. Own it today!!!!!

July 5, 2006

News Update

Lot's of very cool projects coming soon. We will try to let you know. New full lengths from Kaada, Otto Von Schirach, Mouse on Mars, Isis and finally some DVDs!!!! One from Isis and one that is a collaboration between the artist Dalek & Tom Hazelmeyer (AmRep, Halo of Flies) called "A Purge of Dissidents". Check out the preview website:

Animation, art & music fans are going to dig this package that will include original music from Haze with his pals King Buzzo, Grant Hart, Jon Spencer and more!!!!

July 3, 2006

News Update

Check out the video from the new Kaada record!

The album, "Music for Moviebikers" comes out next week! Simply beautiful!!!!!!

June 29, 2006

News Update

Pardon us as we veer away from our usual subject, music. Time to talk boob tube. If you have access to the FX channel, tune in tonight to the season debut of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". This is a twisted show created by some twisted and talented young peeps. We are especially excited for this season, because our favorite actor/director/dancer/producer in the world, Danny Devito joins the cast. This is his first regular TV role since TAXI 20 years ago! Danny also happens to be a mentor of ours and champions all things Ipecac. He is truly part of our family. The people on this show and behind this show are GREAT people and the show is a dark humor gem. Politically incorrect it has been described as a live action South Park. Give it a try tonight at 10pm on the FX channel!!!

June 28, 2006

News Update

Ok gang. We need your help. Start calling the radio stations in your area, big and small. Request "Mojo" by the band Peeping Tom. Thanks to you all it is working! Yesterday the mighty KROQ in LA played it!!! All Los Angeles area Peepers need to hit them up to keep it in rotation. Thanks!

The "Mojo" music video is done! Check out the master work of Matt McDermitt at:

Look for appearances by Rahzel, Dan the Automator, Supermodel Rachel Hunter, Mark Hoppus(Blink 182, +44) and our main man, Danny Devito !

Ok, gotta go! Hit those phones! The mini tour dates are done, we won't be adding any more shows til Fall, so get to one of these while there are tickets.

June 27, 2006

News Update

Stressed out? Always on the run? Multi tasking wearing you out? We got what you need. Our friends at the GOLDING INSTITUTE have created "FINAL RELAXATION" billed as "your ticket to death through hypnotic suggestion." We are proud to release this CD today. Run to the store, buy a copy, pop it in your CD player then sit back and relax while your host from the Golding Institute relaxes you to your ultimate destination. Be warned, this is very real and hopefully will cause fatal injuries. Good night!

June 22, 2006

News Update

Kielty time! So you might have noticed that 2 more very special dates have been added to the mini PEEPING TOM tour. July 21 in San Francisco the band will storm the Great American Music Hall. This is not a real big venue and tickets will fly!!! They go on sale this Sunday. Then on July 22nd they cruise down to San Diego for a wild show at Can'es Ballroom as part of 91X's "Next Big Thing" concert series. You know what that means? It means tickets are only 91 cents!!!!! They will only be available at the door. These 2 shows will be the FULL Peeping Tom sets!!! We will unvail new merch, coming to the website soon. We need your help too! Please call your local radio stations and request "Mojo" by Peeping Tom. A big shout out to 91X, the FOX in Vancouver and a station in Austin, Texas amongst others that are already spinning it!!! This is getting fun.

We will be announcing full Fall tour dates in the next month or 2. Sorry, no lyrics.

June 9, 2006

News Update

OOooooops! The worst kept secret is out! Check out the calendar section! Peeping Tom is taking the show on the road for a mini European/US tour. Do not worry. A full tour will begin in the Fall. Stay tuned. Time for a summer road trip!

May 30, 2006

News Update

Here we are! The day has finally come. Not talking about secrfetly leaked demos or strategically planted rumors. PEEPING TOM has arrived!!! Enjoy the music and the sure to be award winning packaging! Many doubted it's existence, but it is indeed in stores around the world as we speak.

Many of you did not have a chance to see the band perform on TV last week so we found a link to a very low res showing of the PEEPING TOM live debut:

iTunes and MySpace are all over it. The press has been pouring in, life is good around Ipecac HQ. What a month!!!! The Melvins "Houdini-Live" and Peeping Tom should kick start any music fans summer.

Now to answer some frequently asked questions:

1) who is in the band on the Conan TV clip - It is Dan the Automator on electronics and Rob Swift on turntables; the Dub Trio boys handling guitar,bass & drums (check out their new ROIR release "New Heavy" featuring a different version of "Not Alone" out now!!!); Rahzel doing the human beat box thing; Imani Coppola doing some vocal and violin work & Mike Patton sporting the pimp suit.

2) will Peeping Tom play in my city? - The band is working oin schedules and will begin rehearsing soon. Look for a few dates this summer to be announced soon followed up by a world tour starting this Fall and running into 2007. Yes, this band WILL tour.

3) any merch? - hope to unveil some Peeping Tom threads in the next few months. It took a lot to get the record out, give us a chance hear!

4) what about a music video? - as a matter of fact the finishing touches are being put on a very cool multi million dollar budgeted music video as we speak. The "Mojo" video is jammed with guest stars like Dan the Automator, Rahzel, Rachel Hunter, Mark Hoppus (blink 182) and more! Stay tuned.

5) how can I help? - well buying the record helps of course and then you can form street teams and call radio stations demanding to hear "Mojo". Spread the word! This is just the beginning!!!!!