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Oct. 17, 2006

News Update

WIN A TRIP TO ICELAND!!! In Cod We Trust Competition

In Cod We Trust Competition

Ghostigital are running a small competition with Iceland Naturally and they are giving a pair of tickets to Iceland with Icelandair!!!

Being from Iceland, we found it fitting to call our last record In Cod We Trust. Now indeed is the time for you to find out why on earth we do.

To enter Win a Trip to Iceland please click on this link: In Cod We Trust

Melvins Tour and Iceland Airwaves Festival

Only two dates left on the tour with Melvins, Big Business, Porn and Joe Lally (Fugazi).

Today (Oct 17) we will play at: Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY

After that we go back to Iceland for some cod and host a night at IcelandAirwaves festival. The friday evening atIdno features our friends and collaborators:

Otto Von Schirach
Steintryggur (Siggi from Sugarcubes)
and Biogen.

Oct. 17, 2006

News Update

With ISIS' new DVD in-stores and their upcoming album, "In The Absence of Truth," only a couple of week's away the band is gracing the cover of two of our favorite magazines: Alarm ( and Decibel (

Oct. 16, 2006

News Update

There has been some confusion in Europe regarding Peeping Tom shows supporting Gnarls Barkley. It seems that a show is being advertised in Glasgow. Unfortunately, due tio scheduling conflicts, Peeping Tom will NOT be supporting Gnarls at that show. All confirmed shows are posted here on our website.

Oct. 13, 2006

News Update

Iceland electronic scrongsters Ghostigital, featuring Einar Orn of the Sugarcubes, are touring these days with the legendary rock group Melvins.

Being from Iceland Ghostigital, found it fitting to call their last record In Cod We Trust and now they take their show on the road.

But why did they call their record In Cod We Trust? Is it because they are about to tour with the Melvins? Or is it because they are from Iceland? Now is the time to find out for yourselves, as Ghostigital are running a small competition with Iceland Naturally, and they are giving a pair of tickets to Iceland with Icelandair. Now indeed is the time for yourselves to find out why on earth they trust in cod. To enter Win a Trip to Iceland please click on this link: Ghostigital take you to Iceland

Oct. 11, 2006

News Update

Peeping Tom fans, check it out, MTV has added "Mojo" to their video on demand site. Go to: and in the upper right hand corner click on search and type in Peeping Tom and the video will pop up. Pretty sweet!

Oct. 10, 2006

News Update

Like a nice bottle of Thunderbird, the Melvins just keep getting better with age. Even more impressively, they don't make the same record over and over. No, these guys are innovators and they OWN!!!! We are proud to present to you, a brand spanking new all original record from the self proclaimed, "greatest band in the history of music", the Melvins. "A Senile Animal" shows off the brand new lineup. In addition to everyone's favorites Dale Crover and King Buzzo they add Coady and Jared from the band Big Business to the mix. That is correct, 2 drummers and 2 vocalists and when you check out the pounding beats and soaring harmonies you will see/hear that these additions really work! Best of all these guys never slow down, they are in the middle of a world tour as we speak. Get there early for an added suprise. Rumor has it they have started playing as the doors are opening.

RUN to your local record store and ask for "A Senile Animal" today! Featuring more fab artwork from Mackie Osborne (she designed the latest TOOL package amongst other things). Check the calendar for a show near you.

Oct. 10, 2006

News Update

Can't decide. Some of you peeps are either very talented or have to much free time. You decide!

Oct. 6, 2006

News Update

Hey NYC and the Tri-State area, Sunday 10/08 is your last chance to see ISIS until next year on their national tour. Come hear a sneak peek of their new record IN THE ABSENCE OF TRUTH (comes out 10/31) in an intimate. See you Sunday.

Rebel NYC
251 W. 30th Street

Oct. 2, 2006

News Update

We like to keep you up to date on all the cool releases, right? Especially from friends of ours. Check THIS one out!!!!


Zorn continues his intense new rock direction with a second release by the dynamic all-star trio from his acclaimed song suite 'MOONCHILD' to present an intense and mysterious tale of magic and alchemy. Featuring the mad vocal wizardry of Mike Patton singing in preverbal language accompanied by long time cohort Trevor Dunn on electric bass and Joey Baron on drums, this is Zorn at his edgy and uncompromising best. An opera of unbridled madness and complexity that will make your jaw drop. Recorded and mixed by the radical posse of musical terrorist Bill Laswell.

Sep. 26, 2006

News Update

ISIS FANS! Today is the big day we unleash our first DVD ever! It's ISIS - Clearing the Eye featuring 2 hours plus live performances, photo galleries, the music video to "In Fiction", and much more!

Show your support, run out and get a copy today!!