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May 9, 2007

News Update

If you are looking for a road trip, this might be the ultimate for the Patton diehards. Introducing Mondo Cane, a special event In Italy!


Mike Patton's MONDO CANE (U.S., Italy) arrangements and interpretations of italian songs from the golden era of the 50's and 60's for voice, ensemble, small chorus, and orchestra

Mike Patton voice
Aldo Sisillo conductor

Roy Paci trumpet;
Enri hammond, clavinet, farfisa, moog, piano;
Gege' Munari drums

Vincenzo Vasi theremin, electronics;
Alessandro “Asso” Stefana acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, charango, banjo ;
Riccardo Onori electric and acoustic guitars;
Antonio Borghini electric bass, contrabass;
Fabrizio Aiello percussion

Marta Abatematteo voice; Silvia Salfi voice; Giovanna Zanafredi voice;
Paolo Caiti voice; Giuseppe Gasparre voice; Elio Pugliese voice
Giovanna Giovannini: preparation

Orchestra Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini
Arrangements by Daniele Luppi and Mike Patton
Project commissioned by Angelica

May 8, 2007

News Update

Pass the butter, because we are on a roll!!!!! Ipecac can not be stopped. Check out todays release!

We are proud to serve you a helping of GOON MOON and their latest "Licker's Last Leg"

First off, what is a Goon Moon you ask? It is the collaboration between one Jeordie White aka Twiggy Ramirez (Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, x-Marilyn Manson) and Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age, Masters of Reality, etc). On this full length recording they are joined by friends like Zach "Hella" Hill, Josh "Ho Ho" Homme, Dave Catching, Josh Freese and others.

Then you ask, what is "Licker's Last Leg"? It is simply one of the coolest rock records you've ever heard. It swings from psychedelic to punk to desert rock to Bee Gees to catchy classic riffs. Chock full of hits. Imagine if the Flaming Lips and Beattles and Beach Boys and the Damned had an all night blow out recording session/orgy in the desert that was invaded by amorous moths. You get the idea?

Get GOON MOON's "Licker's Last Leg" today and join the madness.

May 7, 2007

News Update

Rest in peace Steve Pritchitt

May 7, 2007

News Update

Oh my! The Ipecac roster just got prettier!

We are very proud to announce that we will be releasing the new full length from Los Angeles based punk/noise/experimental band Qui.

Qui formed as a 2 piece in 2000 then added a vocalist you might know, David Yow (the Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid) in late 2006. The new record, "Love's Miracle" will be released in September worlwide followed by relentless touring. No holds barred weirdness is sure to ensue! These cats can play!!!

We have been friends/fans of David for a long time and are stoked that he is back on the "scene" and honored that he, Paul & Matt are the newest members of the Ipecac tribe!!!
Tip your bartenders.

May 4, 2007

News Update

Summer is around the corner. Need something refreshing for a party or to win the affections of that special someone?

May 4, 2007

News Update

Of course we take great pride in all of the bands we work with, however, once in awhile you get the chance to work with a true music innovator. The Young Gods are hall of famers for sure!!! The Swiss industrial band has been around for 20 years, and while longevity does not always equate to quality, we are thrilled to present to you the latest full length release from TYG, "Super Ready/Fragmente". This is certain to go down as one of their classic releases. The combination of beautiful atmospheres with grinding/blasting squalls of sound make this one a keeper. There is a reason that bands like Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM and even David Bowie have cited The Young Gods as an influence. Embraced by fans of rock, metal, dance, electronic, ambient, techno, industrial & goth, whether singing in French or English, The Young Gods are still relevant today as they were 20 years ago. Grab "Super Ready" today!!!!

Mar. 13, 2007

Welcome UNSANE

It is not just about discovering new bands, once in awhile a band that has been around for some time becomes available. We could not be happier to announce that we welcome one of our all time faves, UNSANE to our humble label. "Visqueen" finds the NYC underground noise fiends in top form. This is music that will wake you up and get you grinding your teeth. They have been called "foul and fascinating" but we like to simply state that this trio rocks! Get your rock on indeed. More of the artwork you've come to expect too. Go see the movie 300 then head right to the record store to pick up "Visqueen" by UNSANE. Now that is nice day out.

Mar. 12, 2007

New Fan Creation

Speaking of Dälek, you have the new record, right? Their music is featured in an indie film created by an Ipecac fan. It is important to support independent artists! Check out the trailer:

Mar. 7, 2007

Q. What is a Goon Moon?


Feb. 27, 2007

News Update

When you are a small record label, you are like family. Our bands are our children. This label is built on what we like to think are unique and talented bands. The foundation of this label was built on 3 bands in particular (not counting one of the owners bands). The original 3 were the Melvins, Isis and Dälek. They are our board of directors. Whenever one of these bands call, we clear our desks. It is cool to watch these bands grow and develop right along with us. The Melvins and Isis both recently released their strongest offerings ever and we could not be happier or prouder to announce that Dälek are back, with by far their best yet: "ABANDONED LANGUAGE".

Grab your headphones and get lost in the structured soundscapes that this New Jersey duo have created. The Dark Side of the Moon of the modern day hip hop scene. While built on hip hop, this band and this record take you into many musical genres. If you have never tasted Dälek before, do it now!

We've been told they are too noisy for the hip hop crowd and too hip hop for the hipster indie rock or noise crowds, which is exactly why we love them. They have just begun a never ending tour to promote this record as well. Check it out in our calendar section.

In record stores now "ABANDONED LANGUAGE" by Dälek, truly our brothers from another mother and the very reason we exist!