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June 1, 2010

New Melvins Album Out Today!

Hey folks! Yes, it is an international holiday. Everything is closed except for record stores. The brand new Melvins studio release, "The Bride Screamed Murder" is out!!!!! This is like the 100th release by the Melvins or something, but people are already calling it one of their best. How DO they do it? This rocks and challenges at the same time. Three cheers for the self proclaimed, best band in the history of music.

Don't forget to check for tour dates as these road dogs never stop and will be bringing it to you live!!!! With special goodies to sell you.

The one band you can count on, other than Justin Bieber, the Melvins triumphantly return with "The Bride Screamed Murder".

Stay thirsty my friends.

May 31, 2010

Mike Patton in Holland!

Patton to perform full-length program centered on Luciano Berio’s masterpiece, Laborintus II, on Friday, June 18.

Mike Patton is not one to shy away from experiments. Mike guest stars in a program featuring Luciano Berio’s 1965 masterpiece, Laborintus II, a modern concert chamber opera based on works by Dante, TS Eliot and Ezra Pound. Ictus, the Nederlands Kamerkoor and video-collective Visual Kitchen support Patton and his musical guests. Laborintus II mixes a whole range of musical styles, from dramatic opera to ‘60’s European jazz. After the break Patton will hold an improvisation session with a host of greats from the international jazz scene. The evening is rounded off with a steaming DJ-set inspired by Italian B-movies.

May 27, 2010

Get A Melvins Limited Autographed CD Booklet!

The new Melvins album, “The Bride Screamed Murder,” comes out next week. Pre-order your copy from Newbury Comics and get a limited autographed CD booklet with purchase!

This special offer is valid for domestic (U.S.) orders only. Pre-ordered CDs shipping with promotional items are limited to (5) per customer. Booklets will be available while supplies last, will post information when autographed booklets are sold out.

Feb. 23, 2010

The triumphant return of DJ Rob Swift is here!

The New York based, world class turntablist/DJ presents "The Architect", out everywhere now! You know Rob from the X-ecutioners and Peeping Tom. For nearly two decades Rob has been regarded as one of the premier turntablists in the world. Check this release out, you'll see that Rob's skills have never been better.

Feb. 16, 2010

Attention New Yorkers

Catch a set from DJ Rob Swift today (2/16/10) from 5-7pm!

59th Street & Lexington Avenue
1000 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Feb. 1, 2010

Rob Swift Record Release Party

Looking for a party in the NYC area? Help celebrate the release of the new record by Rob Swift "The Architect". The party will be held Thursday, Feb 25th at Legion Bar at 790 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn, NY. Various guests will be dropping in, highlighted, of course, by the legendary DJ, Rob Swift and the X-ecutioners!

Jan. 26, 2010

Haiti Benefit

We know there are a lot of ways to contribute to helping the good people of Haiti, but here is a real fun one.

The very funny teams from TV shows "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "Family Guy" are joining forces and putting on a benefit show on Feb. 12th at the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale this Thursday at 10am.

This is a one of a kind comedy show featuring our pal Danny DeVito and the insanely creative gang from "Always Sunny" and Seth MacFarlane and his "Family Guy" crew. Best of all, ALL proceeds are going to Partners in Health (

Dec. 7, 2009

BEAK> is here!

We are very stoked to introduce you to the debut release from this Bristol UK based band. Billy Fuller, Matt Williams and Geoff Barrow have created a haunting landscape of beautiful, modern, electronic music. Barrow is well know as the founder and producer of the legendary band Portishead. It sounds like nothing else in the Ipecac catalog but fits in perfectly and we are very excited to see how this band evolves. Grab…or download the self-titled debut now from BEAK>.

Nov. 6, 2009

"Nude With Boots" Limited Edition Vinyl Manufacturing Problem

Hey folks. We are very sorry to hear that there has been a manufacturing snafu of some sort and some of you that have purchased the Melvins "Nude With Boots" limited edition vinyl have gotten warped copies. We are trying to get to the bottom of this, in the meantime, if you have a severely warped copy please return it to the place you got it for a refund or exchange. VERY sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience and loyalty!

Nov. 4, 2009

"Nude With Boots" on Vinyl

Timing is everything. You demanded it, so here it is, the most recent, classic, Melvins release, "Nude With Boots" is now available on red vinyl, as a single LP in a double gatefold package. Vinyl collectors begin to drool. It smells real purdy too.