Flower With No Color

Yuka Honda first met Yoshimi at CBGB's, circa 1993. She went to see the Boredoms, Yuka was blown away by this powerful female drummer! They were friends from that night on and always stayed in touch. A little known fact, but Yoshimi actually played in Cibo Matto on the bands first tour of Japan. Later Yuka lent her talents to Yoshimi’s OOIOO album.

Making this album with was a very personal experience for the ladies. Yuka stayed at Yoshimi’s house. They cooked all their meals together. They climbed a mountain (Mt. Ikoma) with a tiny pick up truck filled with instruments and a bottle of plum wine that Yuka’s mom made. All of the basic tracks are recorded while they were driving in the truck (you can hear the sound of the truck driving through the mountain roads), and they stopped at a temple where thousands of birds were singing. Shoji drove and recorded us binaurally, and spy supervised. They took this tape to a studio and did overdubs then mixed them.

It's been ten years since they met...

Yoshimi P-we
In 1986, Yoshimi began her music career playing drums in UFO OR DIE with EYE . That same year she joined BOREDOMS, in which she plays drums, trumpet, keyboard and sings. She was the drummer in Kim Gordon's Free Kitten, and Thurston Moore released three YOSHIMI SOLO 7" singles on his Ecstatic Peace label. For a 1996 magazine article Yoshimi created a fictitious band named OOIOO (pronounced oh-oh-eye-oh-oh). This soon became a real band and played their first shows opening for Sonic Youth in Japan. The original members were Yoshimi (Guitar, Vox) Yoshiko (drums), Kyoko (guitar) and Maki (bass). They released their first album "o8o (eight)" in 1997. Not just another cute Japanese girl group, OOIOO (especially live), exuded a powerful force of positive female life-energy. In 1999, she joined with a raga band Psychobaba (now called SAICOBABA). SAICOBABA's members have formally studied Indian Classical music, except for Yoshimi, who brings her ethnic/tribal yet untraditional, heavily effected vocal style, and she also plays Fender Rhodes. In 2000, she started Hawaiian themed band SUN PM0:00 with Eye and ATR from Boredoms. BOREDOMS have also diversified their style and music to unique forms of it's own. Two recent incarnations are 7VO7 and VooREDOMS.

Yoshimi is a truly one of most interesting avant-rock artists of today, her music is constantly evolving from release to release, from one band to another. An intense performer and creator, drawing from a wide range of influences, she has invented a heartfelt musical language that is eclectic yet accessible and completely her own.

Yuka Honda
Yuka Honda is a producer/arranger/programmer based in New York

As one half of Cibo Matto she plays keyboards and programs all the samples, as well as composing and producing. She has also produced Sean Lennon's debut "Into The Sun" and a number of Japanese pop artists including Maki Namoya (Pizzicato 5) and Miu Sakamoto.

Honda has also collaborated with a diverse array of musicians, including Dave Douglas, Arto Lindsay, Caetano Veloso, Yoko Ono, Los Lobos, Luscious Jackson, Medeski Martin & Wood and many others.

In 2002, Honda released a solo album for John Zorn's Tzadik Records entitled "Memories Are My Only Witness."


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