The inscrutable J.G. Thirlwell was dropped on this planet some time ago to bestow sonic majesty, chaos, violence, beauty and cunning linguistics on an unsuspecting earth.

Throughout his long illustrious career J.G. has been anything but conventional. (He can't even stick to one musical sobriquet; he requires several: Steroid Maximus, Clint Ruin, Wiseblood, DJ OTEFSU, myriad Foetus hybrids, Manorexia and Baby Zizanie.) He has made a multitude of influential recordings and toured under the name FOETUS and variations thereof (including Scraping FOETUS off the Wheel, the FOETUS all-nude revue, FOETUS inc. etc.), amassing a rabid world-wide cult following. Seen as a seminal and influential force, over the course of more than a dozen albums he has stretched from yearning orchestral soundscapes, meticulously organized chaos, blistering big band pastiche, crunching hard rock and even inventing stupefying collisions of genres and forms with a raw emotion and irresistable musicality. An accomplished remixer and producer, he's worked his magic on the likes of NIN, Pantera, White Zombie, JSBX, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coil and countless others. JGT has also worked in film and done voiceovers for MTV.

Last year in an extraordinary flurry of activity he released a new FOETUS album, "Flow" and the first Manorexia album, "Volvox Turbo", both released in May 2001; then he released a companion remix album to "Flow", entitled "Blow", released in September 2001, with contributions by Amon Tobin, Kid 606, DJ Food, Pan Sonic, Ursula 1000 and many more. FOETUS then embarked on a world tour.

With his new album as STEROID MAXIMUS, J.G.Thirlwell has raised the bar yet again. The long-awaited album, entitled "Ectopia",contains JGT's cinematic stylings of encompassing haunting soundscapes, twisted neo-blaxploitation, spy/crime noir-intrigue, sinuous carnal funk, soundtracks of the unimagined and ethnic music from civilisations yet to be conceived, among other things!

JGT is now concentrating on working with Steve Bernstein (Sex Mob/Lounge Lizards) on arrangements for the live performance of the Steroid Maximus album Ectopia to be performed in Los Angeles in Oct with a nineteen piece ensemble, including brass and string sections and concert percussion. It will be realized as part of UCLA's 2002/2003 season. Work is also currently being completed on a video from the album of the song "Chain Reaction", directed by Matt Bass.

J.G. has also just returned from a European tour with his new electronic project Baby Zizanie and has begun work on the next Manorexia album, due to drop in July 2002, and new Foetus Studio material.

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