Don't tell me you don't know who Sensational is! All hip hop rules are thrown to the side. Get rid of your preconceived notions of rap. Welcome to the old school, lo-fi world of Brooklyn New York's Sensational. GET ON MY PAGE is his 4th full length recording following last years critically acclaimed HEAVYWEIGHTER (on Wordsound).

Sure, you got crazy personalities like Kool Keith and Old Dirty Bastard, but Sensational is a breed apart from even these koo-koo MCs. Born (or hatched?) into the world of beats as Torture, a name perfectly efitting his dusted productions and not-ready-for-prime-time style, Torture linked up with the Jungle Brothers when he was just 15.

Armed with an 8 track,a drum machine and a microphone(although he used to use headphones instead of a mic), Sensational's poetry-in-motion sickness is sure to wake up the Puffy loving masses. Sensational currently lives on any couch he can crash on, and makes blazing hip-hop each and every day of his life. Until we see him up in Billboard, Hip-hop is doomed for mediocrity.


Cover for Get On My Page
Get On My Page