There's an old saying, if you throw a wet noodle into the air and it sticks to the ceiling it's done.

PINK ANVIL is the collaboration of two members of the band MINISTRY--Paul Barker and Max Brody. In anticipation of the Chinese New Year celebrating the Black Sheep, Barker and Brody have forged a collection of songs only a mother could love.

Following their second debut performance at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on New Year's Eve, the two speculate on the future of life in America, as we know it: "I think we have some attractive songs, don't you?" Barker nods to Brody and the two swells are again off to the home studio to create.

They like all things big.
"The purpose of doing this PINK ANVIL project, for us, was a way to, you know, get the biggest bang for our buck" Brody says.

They like all things small.
"The biggest headache for me is getting a family style portion of anything at an Italian restaurant" reports Barker.

The band spent last summer recording in seclusion near the Mexican border. Barker and Brody recall some defining moments. "There's a really great shop in Juarez where you can get those floating glass balls, the hand blown ones, remember?" Barker asks. "Oh MY GOD, what a surprise THAT was, what great luck we had that day.... It was kind of like that place in San Francisco, what is the NAME of that place, oh god now it's going to kill me I can't remember!" Brody is deep in thought.

"Our goal is to make music. Lots of it," Brody decides. Right.

There's another old saying - familiarity breeds contempt.The members of PINK ANVIL live within whispering distance of one another in Austin, Texas. "It's funny. Sometimes I just feel like going outside, and I'll open the back door and there's Max standing right there...."BARKER is now deep in thought.

There's yet another old saying, money won't change you. "My grandfather used to live in a house with... a... pool," Barker recalls.


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