DC’s Orthrelm is Mick Barr (Crom-tech, Quix*o*tic, Octis and more) on guitar and Josh Blair (ABCS, WWIII, Supersystem) on drums. With three full-lengths under their belt, they join the Ipecac Recordings roster with OV, a one-track album that spans 45-minutes and multiple musical genres.

Orthrelm’s first recordings avoided repetition of any kind, no choruses, no riff repeated. The early material distilled the over-the-top, raging parts of metal. Music moved at a blistering pace, never giving the listener a moment to relax, no resolutions and no familiarity. There were more notes than the listener could ever possibly absorb.

With OV, Orthrelm embraces repetition.... sort of. While metal still undeniably influences Mick and Josh’s music, this new recording equally evokes flavors of the Middle East and the early minimalism of Tony Conrad.


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