An Ipecac Recordings / Chocodog release

Moist: <moeeest> (Amer. Eng.) adj. The essence of Moist, full-body perspiration caused by the act of Rocking and Rolling. The standing tall of the Rock and Roll phallus; (see "getting moist") The product of the female orgasm in response to the Rock and Roll phallus.

The Moistboyz are here to put a stop to "clear-channel" Rock and Roll. The Moistboyz are sick and tired of bullshit and candy-coated VH1 girl-rock. They will not appear in panties or women's clothes. The Moistboyz are not spokesmen of the oppressed. They care nothing for causes, marches, or human rights, because "human rights" are only the communist watering-down of FREEDOM.

The Moistboyz exist to provide loud Rock and Roll intended to be played at maximum volume. The Moistboyz are more so to be reckoned with than enjoyed during a cup of "Tazo Chai." The Moistboyz are not a comedy act, nor do they attempt to produce retrospective ideals. They are men, and enjoy this existence.

The Moistboyz know this will offend the androgyny of the modern person, and the young intellectual. The Moistboyz are holdouts in a nation of pussies and jerk-offs. Guns, booze and dirt are the essence. This occurs naturally for them, and takes little to no effort to produce. The Moistboyz expect Grammys for "Guns, booze and dirt rock."

The Moistboyz have previously released two cds on the now defunct Grand
Royal records, both were met with met overwhelming response by true fans of American Rock and Roll. Plans are currently in the works for a reissue of both albums on one cd with plenty of bonus tracks including the highly sought after (and extremely collectible) single "OG Simpson". Comes now 2002, in the Year of the Maggot, Moistboyz III is about to be unleashed. Brought together by the likes of Ipecac Recordings/Chocodog records, this next release will prove that there are many more years of life for the Moistboyz. Moistboyz III is 10 songs of pure, inspired American Rock and Roll, in an age where fake "metal" and "punk" are packaged and marketed nicely for you by the same people who provide your telephone service. The Moistboyz are here to serve notice to the fakers and doubters and reclaim Rock and Roll for those who aren't so easily fooled. As the New Age grows, the Moistboyz grow fiercer, determined to slap the faces of "terrorism" pussies and cowards. The Moistboyz hatred of Communism and cowardice will propel the true American beyond any and all so-called "wars" of the present day. Red, White and Blue may be the colors of soldiers, but the flag flown by the Moistboyz has the coiled snake, and the words emblazoned; "Don't tread on me."

This release by the Moistboyz will help the strong remember that America is still free, and Rock and Roll is it's president. This is the Hour of the Time, the fight is nigh, and the Moistboyz will be there to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


Cover for III