Pigs of the Roman Empire

PIGS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, the Melvins umpteenth and newest release. Remember, anything worth having is worth suffering for, so why risk it?! DANG! Not since their legendary LYSOL record have the Melvins created something this listener friendly. Severely modern...

For PIGS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE the Melvins joined forces with creative electronic genius, LUST MORD, who is known to the world for collaborating with Throbbing Gristle and as a member of monstrous noise pioneers, SPK.

Shockingly, even the Melvins and Lustmord were blown away by the dizzying array of overabundant originality this dynamic pairing created!

Remember, anything worth doing, is worth overdoing!

As if that wasn't enough, the Melvins stunned the literary and intellectually stunted art world, with the release of their 300 page coffee table art book, "Neither Here nor There" earlier this year.

The book also includes a 19 song Melvins retrospective cd. "Neither Here Nor There" is a monstrous Melvins milestone. No other band in the history of music has ever done anything this amazing!

Starting in late August the Melvins, along with Trevor Dunns Trio Convulsant will head out on a cross country promotional tour. This will be professionally top notch and not some bullshit pussy tour set up by a bunch of one armed foreign midget retards. Don't miss out on what will be "the greatest shows ever gave". Get your tickets now now now!

As if all of that weren't enough the long awaited Jello Biafra with the Melvins record "Never breath what you can't see" is planned for an October release. This is an amazing accomplishment considering the incredible load of legal shit that's been handed to Jello by his ex-band mates. The Melvins feel it is an honor and a privilege to work with Jello and stand behind him in his personal and professional battles.

A lot of things haven't changed.
The masses and the media still don't know shit.
When some son of a bitch sells you something you still expect the goddamn thing to work.
The Melvins and Ipecac still know what they are doing despite wishy washy idiots who insist on trying to do the driving.
After more than twenty fucking years the core-band of King Buzzo and Dale Crover remains intact and they still have Kevin Rutmanis playing bass!

It would be criminally and morally irresponsible not to get behind, promote and endorse The Melvins with every tool (legal and illegal) possible.
Get busy, Don't fight it, just do it!


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Pigs of the Roman Empire

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