(violent sounds from violent fans, enemies, journalists, publicists, peers, and the kid)
I'm getting tired of these "complex" artists. Complex is OK if the sounds have some musical quality. This guy has no talent -- unless the ability to string together bleeps and machinery hum is considered to be quality "music". You have to have a sense of humour to appreciate it, but I just love it. It's the sound of one man just being a right noisy bastard and making a bleedin' racket, in a creative way. This inaccessible stuff is what gives electronic music a bad name. Whatever happened to driving bass lines, rocking drum machines, and euphoric melodies? KILL SOUND BEFORE SOUND KILLS YOU The kid is an indiepunkgabberidmraverblastbasher of the highest caliber, which means not everything he releases (which is a lot of material over all) snuggly fits into one genre or one style. The guy's all over the place, often from release to release, so it would seem the best way to approach his output is first off with a very open mind. I've always though of Kid 606 as a third rate Autechre. Guys like him are a dime-a-dozen in the IDM scene. If it wasn't for Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, and Boards of Canada, IDM would be a dead scene. I "dig" all types of music. I mainly gravitate toward anything electronic, and that's why this got a review from me. It's a free country. I can call it like I see it! Kid 606 sucks, no matter what you call his style of "music". I'm unclear on how kid606 could be even remotely compared to artists like autechre, aphex twin, etc. idm would be dead without them? bullshit! idm was dying, and it took people like kid606, blectum from blechdom, cex, lesser, matmos, etc. to revitalize it. bay area hardcore. KILL SOUND BEFORE SOUND KILLS YOU It just goes to show, that true talent is always surrounded by controversy. Kid606 and his labelmates have a Tourette's syndrome-like compulsion to deflate the pomposity of electronic music. From his early, post-gabba 12"s on San Diego's electro-punk label Vinyl Communications to the occasionally mindblowing, always vivacious HipHop and R&B cut-ups that he's been doing recently, Kid606 has flouted copyright laws with more glee than anyone since Negativeland and The Bomb Squad. KILL SOUND BEFORE SOUND KILLS YOU I'm making music in the same way that the original raga and hip hop was made and it's just total pilfering of ideas. You've just got to put your own mark on it. If his recent output is any indication, he'll be a major entry in the books someday, mainly because of the breadth of his work. AS YOU READ THIS, HE'S ALREADY ON TO THE NEXT 400 THINGS. Do not bowdlerize our subculture just so you can finally get your goofy looking nerd asses laid. I love Autechre, I love all that stuff, but I'm not trying to sound like them and I'm not trying to do anything in line with these IDM people. They're so easy to offend, and they're so into a certain thing, that anything I do will offend them. In the end, I want to offend people like that. KILL SOUND BEFORE SOUND KILLS YOU ...they named the "100 Most Dangerous Men On Earth". At number 93 - ahead of Bill Gates and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, and just behind former Cheers star Ted Danson - was "the Sid Vicious of Techno", Kid606. I'm pretty tone deaf and that's the backbone of traditional musicianship. Don't think of it in terms of pitches. Think like, you can make any sound in the world: which ones do you like? KILL SOUND BEFORE SOUND KILLS YOU


It has become increasingly difficult in the last few years to imagine the electronic music landscape without having to make room for Miguel Depedro a.k.a. kid606. At twenty-four years old, he has already released three full-length studio albums, several radically divergent remix albums, a handful of split albums, and countless singles, compilation appearances, and remixes.

From his now legendary reworking of N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton (V/VM/Tigerbeat6) to his foray into minimal techno with P.S. I Love You (Mille Plateaux), through to his highly praised mash-up full-length, The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You the Fucking Jams (Violent Turd), the kid has consistently sabotaged categorization of his work by remaining true to its core; his violence is against sound, against the sounds of comfort, against the sounds listeners expect.

Kill sound before sound kills you. kid606's second full-length for Ipecac Recordings aims to do just that. More than any of his other works, this album acts as an assault on electronic music itself. And it's a loving assault at that, one as much an ironic jab at the contemporary face of electronic music as it is a resurrection of the history behind today's scene.

Two decades of underground resistance come together on twelve tracks. Tracks like "The Illness", "Woofer Wrecker", and "Ecstasy Motherfucker" are pure tension-and-release dancefloor stormers, breaking at the seams with sweat-laden breakbeat energy, dynamic noise and grinding acid riffs. Meanwhile, "Who Wah Kill Sound" and "Buckle Up", featuring the UK dancehall stylings of MC Wayne Lonesome, make up the album's tribal raga junglist anthems. Throughout, thunderous bass lines collide with thrashing hardcore techno kicks, dirty rave blasts and monstrous police siren wails and screeches. At the opposite end of the spectrum, tracks like "Andy Warhol Is Dead but We Still Have Hope" and "Parenthood" recall more contemporary electronic experimentation and, in places, even hearken back to early work of Orbital.

kid606 has toured relentlessly across the world, playing to some of the most diverse and, at many times, frustrated audiences possible, playing festivals, rock clubs, raves, underground warehouse parties, art gatherings, and everything in between. This album, along with being his most innovative, conceptual, and strikingly accessible work to date, reflects a degree of experience that has tried everything once and made use of it.


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