From the opening words of Absence, you know you’re not getting off easy with this one, kids. Dälek came back with their fourth full-length in February 2005 and yes, they did mean business. Not your fluffed up, logo-wearing, blinged-out rap record, Absence is industrial hip-hop born out of a social consciousness, white noise and jagged beats. And it rules. URB nailed it as one of the Best of The Year while writers, editors, and fans new and old took great notice and applauded loudly.

Dälek were officially on the map with the 1998 release of their first recording Negro, Necro, Nekros for Gern Blansten and critics hailed the trio as risk takers and pioneers for a new generation of hip-hop. From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots was released on Ipecac in 2002, and again the reaction to Dälek’s take on hip-hop was extraordinary. The people got it. Dälek toured the states. Dälek toured the world. And the people came. And their peers took note. Upon Ipecac’s release of Absence in 2005, Dälek toured the States and stunned crowds with their live performance where emcee Dälek spits defiance with his words while Still laid quiver-worthy cuts on the turntable and Oktopus’ loops and beats packed the foundation under it all. The trio literally spent most of 2005 touring every nook and cranny of Europe. Three times. Live, their shows are intense events that often end in a shoved mic stand, a wrecked amp or aurally challenging feedback. In the past, Dälek has also shared stages with the equally loud labelmates Tomahawk and The Melvins, Grandmaster Flash, Faust (with whom they released the collaboration Faust vs Dalek), Pharcyde, De la Soul and KRS-1.

The end of 05 brought about a few changes in the Dälek camp as Dälek and Oktopus parted ways with Still and are working on a new record due out in October 2006 on Ipecac Recordings, in addition to their upcoming February tour. Full tour dates are on back. If you have never experienced the live version of Dälek we strongly urge you to do so. Always impressive and impressively loud, these guys will blow you away with their words and their music.[PRESS]For more information or to speak with Dälek or Oktopus, contact your friends at Tag Team Media.

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