Mass Destruction

Talk about heavy…

Justin Broadrick then:
Formed & left Napalm Death, ex-member of Head of David, & formed & disbanded Godflesh.

Justin Broadrick now:
Drum & Bass project Tech Level 2 for Dillinja's Valve off-shoot label, recording as Jesu (Successor to Godflesh), recording new material with Techno Animal, & remixed Pantera, Lemonheads, Isis & Agorophobic Nosebleed.

Kevin Martin then:
Formed & disbanded God (working with John Zorn, Bill Laswell, AMM), joined & left Sonic Boom's EAR project (alongside ex-members of Spacemen 3 & Kevin Shields), recorded & produced Ice (which featured El-P, Anti Pop Consortium, Blixa Bargeld & DJ Vadim), & founded the Pathological label (releasing albums by Lydia Lunch, Casper/Peter Brotzmann, Zeni Geva & Ox Bow).

Kevin Martin now:
Releasing a ragga/dub album as The Bug (via Kid 606’s Tigerbeat6 in the USA & for Aphex Twin's Rephlex label in the UK), recording new Techno Animal material, & remixed DJ Vadim, Palace Brothers (Will Oldham), Sensational & Adrian Sherwood.

These guys are busy.

Justin Broadrick & Kevin Martin met whilst sharing tours with God & Godflesh. Discovering their shared tastes for musical extremes, abusing electronics & having been baptized by anarcho punk, they formed Techno Animal in 1991. As Techno Animal the pair have mutated & fragmented into various experimental side projects (The Sidewinder, Sub Species, White Viper & Eraser), which have periodically mashed up Techno, Jungle, Dub & Hip Hop. But it was by touring with Alec Empire that Curse of the Golden Vampire was born. Having released one album as a trio with Mr.Empire, on the latter's own Digital Hardcore label (that also featured guest appearance from Anti Pop's Beans) in 1998, Broadrick & Martin have now decided to go it alone. 'Mass Destruction' is the result of their mission to fuse the energy of Napalm Death's anarcho thrash with the Amen break attack of No-U-Turn & the incendiary fire of free jazz. Death Jungle, Scum'n'Bass? Call it what you like... this album manages to incorporate every uncompromising element the duo have ever incorporated into their past sonic endeavors, but still manages to capture something totally fresh & relentlessly intense. Drawing on the inspiration of their earliest obsession with Discharge & Crass, Curse Of the Golden Vampire turn up the heat with startling state of the art production techniques & uncompromisingly nihilistic sentiments. As hardcore as music can get, this electrical storm is the pair's most extreme work yet.


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Mass Destruction